Hands-on program


Wednesday, 7th

Wednesday, 7th - HANDS-ON TRAINING

5/6 fully equipped EUS Stations will be available and run under tutoring of the Endo B/P & EUS Team of San Raffaele Hospital
The hands-on activity will cover all the topics of diagnostic and therapeutic echoendoscopy. Different set of animal models provided by Endosim Company will allow partecipants to perform an extensive hands-on training program on:

Gastric submucosal mass evaluation and diagnosis: EUS-core biopsy, Pancreatic Cyst FNA, FNA of solid lesions: pancreatic mass, liver mass and lymph node, Injection Therapy: Celiac neurolysis and EUS-guided embolization, Pancreatic pseudocyst drainage: plastic stents, Pancreatic pseudocyst drainage: Axios, Accessory imaging devices, Mini-probe EUS, OFDI, nCLE, EUS-guided biliary access

All the different kind of EUS devices will be used.

08:30 - 12:30 Morning session
14:00 - 18:00 Afternoon session